Earnings stacks by learning facts, driven to the point I ain't turning back!

The newest release from Treece Money is this Halloween-themed montage of party music, SPiRiTs.

SPiRiTS sets the mood with creepy yet energetic instrumentation, as if your favorite horror movie villains were in a band and hosting the banger of the year. Treece Money then vocalizes, relating the possession of supernatural spirits to that of alcoholic spirits, and let's it run from there.

"You never know what these spirits can do/Once they make an appearance and put that spirit in you, OO!"

Track Listing

1.) Catch a Vibe                                 11.) Ready, Set, Go

2.) Let's Get Right                             12.) Up the Road (feat. JusQuis, JP & Rude Williams)

3.) Run It                                           13.) In My Veins

4.) SPiRiTS                                         14.) Put 1 in the Air (feat. X)

5.) It's Clear                                       15.) Ain't So Bad

6.) Living Lies (feat. Huntley)                       16.) Another Hour

7.) Like That                                      17.) Have to Ride (feat M.C.) [Remix}

8.) One of a Kind (feat. M.C.)

9.) A Million Bucks

10.) Nevermind

© Treece Money ||  House of Syntax ||  Fairfax, Virginia  ||  All rights reserved.

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