Anyone who has been following our movement for the last several years know it all started with one word: Syntax.

Syntax  is a hip-hop trio that was created in 2007 by artists A-Train, M.C., and Treece Money. In 2009 we dropped our first studio album, Psychotherapy. After releasing a few more mixtapes and having a significant presence in the D.C. music scene, the group disbanded before the release of our second album, Lucid Dreams, for personal reasons.

After almost a decade long hiatus, we have all reconnected and decided to create an official follow-up album to Psychotherapy. We present to you, our second studio album, Reverse Reflection!


1. Come Back (prod. by A-Train)

2. Like Jordan (prod. by A-Train)

3. The Heat (prod. by Treece Money)

4. When I'm Old (prod. by A-Train)

5. Leave the Lights On (prod. by Treece Money)

6. Real Thing (prod. by A-Train)

7. Trouble (prod. by Treece Money)

8. Too Small (prod. by A-Train)

9. When You Get Caught (prod. by Treece Money)

10. Fuckifiknow (prod. by A-Train)

11. Hyperventilation (prod. by Treece Money)

12. Reverse Reflection (prod. by Treece Money)

Executive Producers: SYNTAX

Engineered by: SYNTAX

© Treece Money ||  House of Syntax ||  Fairfax, Virginia  ||  All rights reserved.

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